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Wedding Trivia


A custom passed down by the British started when guest would invade the bridal chamber and vie for the bride's and groom's stockings. They then took turns flinging the stockings at the newlyweds, with the belief that whoever landed the stockin on the bride or groom's nose would be the next person to marry.


Throught the world there are different terms for a bachelorette party. In the UK, Ireland and Australia, bachelorette parties are referred to as "Hen's Parties" or "Hen's Night." In Canada, the term "Staggette" is used and in South Africia, their phrase "Kitchen Tea" is used to invite all the bride's girlfriends out for a night on the town.


Most brides are not aware that an excellent tip for wedding day makeup is NOT to wear sunscreen. Any type of moistuizer or makeup foundation with an SPF will cause your skin to lighten in photographs, giving you an unnatural paleness in your wedding day pictures.

While sunscreen is vital for your everyday use, your wedding day is the only day you should wear an SPF free moisturizer.


Talismans a bride may choose to wear or carry on her wedding day came about from a mix of tradition and superstition.

1. SOMETHING OLD to bring a sense of continuity.

2. SOMETHING NEW adds an optimistic note.

3. SOMETHING BORROWED the supersition that happiness rubs off.

4. SOMETHING BLUE for purity, fidelity, and love.

5. A PENNY IN YOUR SHOE to help ensure a life of fortune.